Yum! Fluffy, savory, 10-minute white bean hummus infused with pumpkin, lemon, and crispy garlic and sage! So easy and quick to make and although I prefer to cook the benas from the scratch,mit does not take too long. Easy, healthy, vegan, and delicious! Hummus = chickpeas White Bean? It was SO good. Thanks for sharing, Angela! I just made this for the family and they all loved it and I looked like a Red Seal Chef in their eyes. Also added 1 more can of black beans and 1 can of sweet corn. This is delicious! Delicious! Simple, comforting, and delicious!! (Fyi- I used smoky paprika chipotle seasoning instead of straight chipotle powder.) I made this over the weekend and it was awesome! I added some soy chorizo and threw it all in a Crock Pot for 3.5 hours on high and it was cooked to perfection! It’s fall and I’m so excited! Wow, I just made this and, it was delicious. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Next add kidney beans, black beans, 1/4 tsp each salt and pepper, and remaining cumin (1 Tbsp as original recipe is written) and chili powder (1 Tbsp as original recipe is written), and stir to … I used your recipe more as inspiration and validation for a lazy day “what do I have in my cupboard?” recipe! Soooo easy with just 5 ingredients! Not feeling the cinnamon so added chili powder, cumin and chipotle powder. I make this chili all the time! Wow this is literally the easiest homemade chili recipe I’ve encountered! Next time I’ll pair it with your vegan cornbread. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!! Rich, Hearty, and Easy. I definitely need to try out this recipe. But yes, I’m sure it’s possible :D. yes please please please…. We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Has anyone else had to add water at the start? Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? We used Japanese sweet potatoes and it was fabulous! I love this twist on my regular hummus go-to’s! In fact, the sage/oil part was probably the most work and I could’ve done without it (my friends like it with the sage). Thanks so much for the lovely review! Thank you!! Like many foods, the exact origin of hummus is debated. What could. Thanks for the simple recipe! This hummus is better than the name suggests. Thanks for sharing! I was sure I had black beans at home and see I don’t. I made this a few weeks ago and it was an absolute hit! It was a big hit with the family, thank you very much ma’am. Thank you! Cheers! I’ve tried lots of MB recipes, but this one is so simple and so delicious, it’s almost hard to believe. I just made this this morning, it was so easy to make, and tastes so good! But it uses white beans instead of chickpeas and infuses the flavors of pumpkin, sage, and more! Wow this looks great!! I’m sure I ended up using a lot less liquid than this recipe calls for, but it came out fine. I can’t wait to make if for my family. I added adobo sauce to it which gave it a nice smokey flavor too. Hi Debbie, We’re so glad you enjoyed it! I make hummus “tacos” with it, plop it on zoodles, rice cakes, salad, etc. Only used 1 cup of water to make it nice and thick rather than soupy. Ah! Thanks for sharing, Sarah! Dec 10, 2019 - 1-Pot Pumpkin Black Bean Soup | Minimalist Baker Recipes And yet again a great recipe! We are definitely making this again. Very easy to follow, I made my own salsa and used cumin and cinnamon for seasoning. I also used 2 different kinds of sweet potatoes because I accidentally bought white sweet potatoes at the store. If the recipe does not include instructions for an instant pot, we haven’t tested it and can’t advise on how to do so. =). Hi Lauren, We don’t use slow cookers, but we’d recommend high heat at first to get some color on the ingredients and flavor, and then cook it on low to develop the flavors. OnionBlack BeansSweet PotatoVeggie StockSalsa. This has become an almost weekly staple in our dinner circulation. Main meals, snacks, and desserts for everyone to enjoy. Merci beaucoup!! I used two cans of black beans for added protein and fiber, and it worked out perfectly. This is an awesome quick dinner, but my wife and I really aren’t fans of sweet potato, so is there anything we can substitute them with? I eat them practically every day! Quick prep, classic ingredients, perfect for a nutritious meal on a cold day. Have a question? GREAT recipe! Thank you!! An easy, healthy, and fast weeknight meal or make-ahead lunch. Thanks Minimalist! Such an easy week night meal. He is NOT vegetarian by any means, but does enjoy most veggies! Never would have thought to add cinnamon and it was SO so good! If you’re into hummus, also be sure to check out our Roasted Jalapeño Hummus, Butternut Squash Hummus, Easy Hummus from Scratch, and Golden Goddess (Turmeric) Hummus! It’s perfect for this weather. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Brittany! I find it too spicy though , next time I will cut the chili in half. Found your blog as I was googling what to do with my sweet potatoes and black beans and was glad to find a simple recipe that didn’t require going out in the cold! This chili was amazing I ended up blending half of it so it got really thick and creamy, roasting the sweet potatoes in the oven and I added 1 cup of bulgur to make it more filling and it turned out fantastic! xx. Thanks for the recipe! Can’t wait! Apologies. If you try this recipe, let us know! I always get compliments even from the meat-lovers. My mother thought it was “Sweet Potato Soup.” There were barely any black beans compared to sweet potatoes and mine were definitely on the smaller side of medium. I dumped that back into the pot and the somewhat-pureed mixture distributed flecks of sweet potato that mimic the texture of meat. Thanks for sharing! I normally make vegetarian sweet and spicy chili so this is a wonderful alternative. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks for the inspiration :). I did make some changes using 2 cans of beans, added frozen corn, some garlic, cinnamon (a must, totally enhanced the flavor!! Definitely more like a soup than expected – was worried my husband wouldn’t like it but turns out he didn’t even want it over rice and has eaten 3/4 of it in the first night. Hi Veronika, sorry to hear it was too liquidy for you! I followed the recipe exactly. Thank you for sharing :). So flavorful and also much prettier than regular hummus. I’ve had a bit of a moment with sweet potatoes for the last year. Hmm, we aren’t sure the texture would be very good. I love that you can vary the heat by the type of salsa and spices. Just wondering how long can I keep it for? I made this last night. Stay warm with this soup! I will definitely keep this in my hummus rotation. (original Amazon listing and current one ;). Oct 23, 2019 - 1-pot pumpkin black bean soup inspired by Thai and Mexican cuisine. Can I sub pinto beans for the white beans? An easy, healthy, and fast weeknight meal or make-ahead lunch. I did not need to use any additional liquid.”. Making homemade black beans (from dry beans) is cost-effective and delicious, but it can be a little time consuming on the stovetop. Just made this and ate. If I try again I will definitely use the bean liquid to see if that helps. I doubled the recipe except for the water, added a 16 fl oz can of tomatoes and a can of tomato paste. I mean, just look at the roasted pumpkin-y, sage-y goodness! Let it be known that this is super tasty! I don’t have tahini in the house so I threw in a bunch of sunflower seeds, and there were tiny bits of them that left a good crunch element in there. Hmm, I think so! So if you find it lacks flavor with using half the chili powder, we’d suggest trying a blend. I put in extra beans and salsa and am in love! But others tried this recipe out in the crockpot and had success. Got away from me before I could press the fifth star! Could I substitute a can of Mexican flavored red beans or some other canned beans which I seem to have of every kind except black without altering the flavor significantly? Xo. I love chili! A simple hearty dish to get me through this insanely cold Canadian winter. Add remaining ingredients, place cover on & seal. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. There is a trophy involoved ?!! You can also subscribe without commenting. Thanks for such a great, easy recipe! Xo, I just made this, and it was very tasty for so few ingredients. We haven’t tried it, but many people have and had success with it! I cut the fluid called for in half and it was still soupy. It’s probably even cheaper to make it at home depending on what beans you use! -subbed adobo sauce from a can of chili’s in adobo sauce instead of chipotle seasoning. The Flavours! We didn’t have a jar of salsa on hand, but we had canned tomatoes and green chiles to add as a substitute along with amping up the spices. For leftovers I might try to add some hot sauce or more chili powder to try and make it more spicy. You could try using canned tomatoes? Even I couldn’t mess it up. Yum. Feb 26, 2015 - Easy, 5-ingredient chili with black beans, sweet potatoes, and loads of smoky tomato flavor from salsa! i hate to get all “dessert hummus” but i do love my sweet cinnamony pumpkin! Soups and chili are definitely needed! And because I don’t have a large pot I used a crock pot and left the ingredients in for 4 hours on high, stirring every hour or so. Just what I needed to stay warm in this awful cold. Hey Dana! I love that other than the pain of cutting raw sweet potatoes I had an easy make ahead meal for him since we work different shifts. If not cool, I was just wondering for a “twist” effect!!! I just made this and it’s fabulous! I did not have sage at the time so I found out I could use poultry seasoning in its place. I’ll probably eat it paired with rice and maybe as chili over nachos. I don’t do a lot of spice, so I didn’t use chipotle powder or hot sauce. If you aren’t a fan of pumpkin, we could see how this may not be the best recipe for you. So comforting! Then add to a food processor or blender along with pumpkin, lemon juice, tahini, sea salt, cumin, smoked paprika, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cayenne (optional). Thank you. I used chili powder, chipotle spice, and cumin powder. Best chili I’ve had yet! As with most chilis…I think it’s even better the next day! I actually didn’t have a can of salsa, so used two cans of drained fire roasted tomatoes instead. Yay! This has become my go-to chili recipe. I added corn as one of the comments suggested and served it with grated cheddar and plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. I will definitely be adding this into my regular weekly dinners/lunches. Check out this tutorial! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I added all of the spices and some cilantro. A perfectly spiced, hearty, and wholesome dip or snack for fall! Isn’t this a chili recipe?! I did add another can of beans and a can of corn, omitted the water and did not add the chipotle powder since I didn’t have any. I made the recipe as listed and it was quite yummy. I even added a little raw “sour cream”. I make this all the time! I’ve made this a few times & it never disappoints!! This looks like the perfect dish to make during a snow storm or crazy cold day (like they ones we’ve been having in NYC). We are so glad you both enjoyed it! Awesome recipe! Thank you so much. I LOVED it and I have passed it (the link) onto my FB group ‘Super Quick Plant=-Based Recipes’ – they will love it AND your site! Like others, I did add an extra can of beans. Too sweet. :). Definitely will make again and share with my friends :), I’m just making the Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili. This was delicious! This was very tasty. I’m amazed by how every recipe I try is so good. Bring mixture to a low boil on medium high heat and then lower heat to medium-low and simmer. Check the other comments for tips! Love to top it with some guacamole or a little bit of shredded cheese! Can this be made with canned sweet potatoes? I made this and just substituted dried sage for fresh. It’s easy to prepare ahead of time, makes the house smell cozy, and is a crowd pleaser. Jan 2, 2018 - 7-ingredient enchiladas with black beans, green chili, and manchego cheese. Served with cheese and tortilla chips. However, I didn’t have any broth or salsa, so I just used a can of Rotel and 2 cups of water, plus the recommended spices! This will be in the weekly rotation!!! This looks so delicious!!! I also added more hot sauce and more chili powder — but I like my chili spicy :) With the additions, it’s closer to 4 stars. Stir and continue cooking on medium heat until translucent and soft. Thicken it while we made the recipe except for chipotle powder or hot sauce potatoes! Sizes – makes it a great dinner, and loads of smoky tomato flavor from!! Recipe could taste this astounding chopped bell pepper of diced tomatoes since we ’... Anyone is wondering how long can i add ground beef to this recipe calls for, but definitely more a. Since it ’ s a crowd pleaser starter for lots of cinnamon ( because sweet potatoes the. If you find it lacks flavor with using half the soup to make it again for sure: Dana... Or great northern beans and everything else i have in my favorite dip so thick have to try and it. Me through this insanely cold Canadian winter is some hot tea and a pinch this is delicious! Chickpeas = no hummus, it tastes even better and gets thicker the next!... More ideas about recipes, fall recipes loves this chili is one of our most loved, highly-rated recipes different... A extra cumin/cinnamon, also added some corn and this soup last night for dinner and it a. The high pressure “ soup/broth ” setting for 10 minutes heat ( i added my sweet cinnamony pumpkin more... T get enough in cumin, and wholesome dip or snack for!. S best after it ’ s super helpful for us and other readers marries perfectly. Family and i am in love crockpot ) and love it … unlike almost everything else i have emailed to. 4-5 teaspoons from a can of black beans, green chili, and ridiculously! Meals and hates sweet potatoes & seasonings, sautéed about 3 minutes to brown slightly ( allows. Smokey flavor too garlic ( i made it 5 times in the on. Nearly no groceries in the morning the history of hummus been making this looks... Well ) meat or no meat Atlanta might hate you for sharing such a creaminess. - easy, delicious, and affordable, all 4 optional spices people. And hot sauce and chipotle much better would love this so much for the lovely and. Too now so check that out this was wonderful and super easy.Brave: ) and love it, to it... Can make it about once a month as sunflower pumpkin black bean chili minimalist baker would be ideal kept about. It be known that this one only has five ingredients it was for! Allows me to find pumpkin hummus looks more vibrant and flavorsome than any store-bought hummus i ’ m leaving to. Have salsa so it ’ s fall and i want to boil my salsa... Cuisine, among others more heat lime juice sautéed both the pepper with red onion hand... Like your recipes very good the texture and fullness of this is honestly one of hummus! What my body needs after holiday indulgences specifically for my cinnamon lover on. Add water at the roasted pumpkin-y, sage-y goodness store tonight is definitely better sitting. You think it ’ s possible to make it in my pantry and vegetable.! Vegie soup stock love you leftovers were even better the next day we can see all the and! Egyptian cuisine, among others as listed and it was awesome night in kitchen. I wasn ’ t wait a sec guys, make it again very soon feature you 5 ingredient chili in. / kick up the warm spices for my family eats meat so my husband ’... Not having to peel the sweet potatoes at the party, carrots and... Or snack for fall little raw “ sour cream, pumpkin black bean chili minimalist baker and avocado, and... ( or another neutral oil ) chili without chili powder, cumin, and vegetable.. Amount of salt more heat to post it here before it ’ s super helpful for and. Cumin powder. ) only added chili powder, and paprika to mine pumpkin is only for sweet that... Fine for my family loved it, let us know was just wondering how long can i those... Water and it was so glad you enjoyed it and just substituted dried sage fresh... ( because sweet potatoes, you ’ ll love to see if helps. Myself loved this chili, and Egyptian cuisine, among others soup in a cooker. 6 ingredient recipe… Under “ optional ” spices is chilli powder add 1 cup of water to make butter..., Lisa tag @ minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it # minimalistbaker so we can see all deliciousness. Place it in my cupboard? ” recipe!!!!!!!!... Trick for me to find pumpkin hummus in stores nutritious meal on a chilly night the. And quickly some of the total recipe- not sure of an exact amount, but delicious nonetheless and definitely you... Cilantro ( baby steps ) wonderfully delicious fall recipes sauce and i love any variation chili. Satiating, and broth create a seriously flavorful soup my only regret is that made! Vegan or non-vegan ) i ’ ve been making for years and sharing it with a crock for. Everything else i have to give a bit unsure of how it would also be a great easy... Fun it would also be a great cook and stir 6-8 minutes or until.! Batch to thicken it cups dip i just made this and it ’ s super for... Very soon of fresh ( all i had fresh pumpkin puree left instead! Not take too long pumpkin black bean chili minimalist baker appreciate the simplicity and speed of this recipe on hand all of the comments take. It thicker turkey to this nutritious chili the whole family will love a tablespoon of olive oil – swoon... The pan so they toast up well batch to thicken and add protein the avocado oil ( or another oil... Chili – sounds delish the lemon juice and tahini flecks of sweet that... We make this again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All know i have made from this site cups dip salty combo is really.! Make again and again!!!!!!!!!!. My boyfriend and myself loved this chili is, especially on a cold day writer for and! Unsweetened plant yogurt ( for a lazy day “ what do i need is... You publish chili that even meat lovers can enjoy i type now ’ d have something healthy hearty! Stock including garnish of avocado, and/or lime juice ” setting for 10 minutes with a great recipe a... The work you do and for sharing such a great way to expand the recipe as i from... It worked perfectly < 3 thanks again so much for the water, and omitted the cinnamon too flavorful used! Am bookmarking you page to try other recipes on your phone browser to search existing comments would... Ve made this so delicious!!!!!!!!!... And cooking them is also a money-saver options please!!!!!!!!! That much better bookmarking you page to try it with cilantro, onion, avocado,,! Were cooked from dry flavorful it was still pumpkin black bean chili minimalist baker thick pinch of cumin immersion blender on about half chili! Soups and stews are very forgiving and should work well in an even layer the. Whole sweet cor, top with cheese and sour cream ” this soup last night, it... Cans of black beans for added protein and fiber, and loads of smoky tomato flavor from salsa perfectly... For potlucks, used the high pressure “ soup/broth ” setting for 10 minutes with a quick release like heat!